Tomato Milling Machine

Tomato Milling Machine

Tomato Milling Machine

Focus on university graduates season, when farmers become rich fruits

Two university graduates, to leave City to work the country last year, when farmers through the "land transfer" contract of 500 acres, tomatoes and bean planting, agricultural facilities huh, break a piece of heaven and earth. The author in the city of Changle Village North Lantau greenhouse vegetable base guhuai, saw graduated from Lanzhou University in 2004 Lingua Electronics professionals and Cheng Huang Yuan.

Yuan and Huang Cheng Lingua partner university, as people are Changle, and soon became good friends. "Business Climate Changle, companies thinking about college." Lingua Yuan said that after Graduation broadcasting Changle TV Technology Working Group, the company began six months after his resignation. Began to follow other people do the money, but it was an experience: must be its own characteristics, such as the amount money that is not technical.

Friends of resignation that the risk, according to Huang Cheng Lin Guanyuan, there are good projects to do together. In early 2008, he received a phone Lingua Yuan "Installations of agriculture in Changle be unpopular, many Farmers do not want the land, the State encourages the transfer of land, can focus on agriculture or plantation. "Therefore, two the creation of large agricultural development Changle Co., Ltd. Xin Wo, Lin Guanyuan began to study it.

In Last August, two villages in North Lantau to a contract price of a year of 600 yuan per mu, 200 mu of land, bought bamboo huts built invited more than ten years dedicated to planting material Yang Xu agricultural technician, and began to grow tomatoes. Earlier this year, two new contracts in the village 300 acres, planted beans.

Plant also provides for the stable firm

"Committed to plant to market research, and this, when species that can generate higher profits." Lin Guanyuan introduction, plant growing season is to be listed, regular tomatoes at the end of March will soon be withdrawn from the market Mid-market tomatoes planted in April, can reach 7500 kg per mu income of 10,000 to 20,000 yuan. "Radiation Tomatoes in mid-July, when a typhoon, and the film opens, you can sort sponge and increase revenues. "To understand the technology, both in the field every day, the sun and rain are frequent. Lin Guanyuan house in nearby villages, family members see it in black, asked him what he can not say agriculture. "People think as a student, for which farmers can commit to each other. "According to relevant policies and its growing base acres to greenhouse can receive more than 1 000 yuan subsidy per year. Passion, technology, combined with a policy, two hometown roots and the development of agriculture is even more determined, more confidence a. Lingua Yuan said that early, so that the plantation stable for a bag of mountain farming, can be done "in agriculture, macro." For this new period, the two explained, leafy vegetables used to feed the rabbits, chickens, ducks, poultry manure as fertilizer, dedicated in growing vegetables.

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Tomato Milling Machine

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