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Sweet Spanish Tomato

A Brief Guide to the Costa Brava

The Costa Brava is where the package tour began in the 1950s. Hordes of tourists crammed into the former aircraft – the war in what was once a pristine landscape of Spain for two weeks of sun, sea and sand.

However, the popularity of the region as a destination package is in decline, but at the same time, recognition of their true beauty is in the process, and stations are welcoming a type more demanding visitors.

No wonder: the Costa Brava, located on the autonomous region of Catalonia, is Showpiece with a series of needles beautiful villages, endless monuments, traditions, food and great intrinsic and a very varied landscapes. A brief guide to some wonderful North Spain:

Getting to the Costa Brava

There are two main airports Serving the region: Barcelona and Girona. Girona is the most popular option, especially for stations further north on the coast, with average transfer times per hour.

Other travel options include the P & O ferry from Plymouth to Santander or Brittany Ferries from Portsmouth to Bilbao, then take the train or drive through Spain.

National Express run a bus service to Barcelona Girona from the UK.

Strain the train: take the Eurostar for Paris, then follow the route of the TGV Atlantique in Barcelona and take the Thalys service to destination from Girona.

Staying at the Costa Brava

Hotels, hostels, apartments and campsites abound. A wide range of accommodation to choose from luxury to basic services. Visit the websites of each resort recommendations.

Eat on the Costa Brava

Most coastal resorts are awash with fish and seafood, but of course there are restaurants for all tastes. If you want to test Catalan cuisine real, recognized worldwide for its diversity, then find some of these dishes:

  • Escalivada (vegetable salad baked)
  • Rovellons to llauna (fungi)
  • Pan con tomate (toasted bread with tomato, garlic and olive oil)
  • Amb Butifarra Mongetes (white beans with sausage)
  • Cooked in a skillet (snails snails)
  • Grilled fish and fruit Sea (grilled fish and seafood)
  • Zarzuela and Suquet de Peix (fish stew)
  • Romesco sauce (spicy)  

And for dessert …

  • Beignets (fritters)
  • Creme brulee (cream caramel)
  • Panellets (cakes with marzipan)
  • Torrone (almond)
  • Tortelli (ring cake)

When to go

On the Costa Brava you will find a slightly milder climate than the coast further south. Temperatures soar in July and August, reaching feet tall and more than thirty years. May, June and September are perfect if you love the sun, but prefer a more bearable. Spring and autumn and it is very hot but if you're looking for winter sun, you have to venture further south.

Like all other Spanish regions, Catalonia celebrates its fair share of festivals. Each city has its own traditional festivals and cultural programs for each station are available from local tourist offices. There are many celebrations on religions, but also include some pagan traditions. But whatever its origins, you can be sure that once they are delivered in the true spirit, you will find yourself wanting more!

Why not to investigate and time of your visit coincides with a festival?

Perhaps one of the most important holidays in Catalonia is Sant Jordi – Saint George – the patron saint of Catalonia. On this day, couples exchange books and roses, and find the Ramblas in Barcelona from stall to stall full of books. Is the equivalent of Valentine's Day in the United Kingdom.

Region National Day is September 11th and is celebrated with 'Castellers "And" sardanes.

Castillo Castellers means "builders and involves teams of enthusiasts in the formation of impressive towers Rights – Castells – which can be up to ten high.

The Sardana is a very old dance, Catalan is really. It is a dance that can be opened and joined left again at any time. It is danced in a circle, hand in hand in the air and coordinate measures depending a complex set of rules.

Basic Information:

Language: Catalan
Capital Region: Barcelona
Airports: Girona, Barcelona
Currency: Euro (€)
National Day: September 11
Patron Saint: Saint George (San Jorge)
Patterns Updated: April 23
Government: Government
Major Football Club: FC Barcelona
Catalan Tourist Office: 00 34 934 849 900

About the Author

Sarah McInerney – Words by Sarah Mac – is a creative copy writer with 15 years experience of writing compelling, quality words for business websites, brochures, advertising, press, sales literature, news letters and online material. She has travelled extensively through Spain and specialises in writing articles on popular tourist destinations. If you are looking to make an impact using the power of power of good wording, then visit www.wordsbysarahmac.co.uk

Sweet Spanish Tomato

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Sweet Spanish Tomato

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Sweet Spanish Tomato

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Sweet Spanish Tomato

Sweet Spanish Tomato

Sweet Spanish Tomato

Sweet Spanish Tomato

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Sweet Spanish Tomato

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Sweet Spanish Tomato

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Sweet Spanish Tomato

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Sweet Spanish Tomato

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Sweet Spanish Tomato

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Sweet Spanish Tomato
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