Heirloom Tomato Plants

6 Tips for Growing Delicious Tomatoes

The following tips are all you need to know about growing rich beautiful tomatoes. Tomato gardening is not difficult, it requires some care and attention in the beginning but after awhile it becomes second nature. Most varieties of tomatoes need the same or just slightly different strategies to grow and produce great tomatoes.

These tips are organic in nature to avoid concerns about the use of pesticides or herbicides in the garden. It’s always best to avoid harmful chemicals and pesticides to create a sustainable garden and planet to live on.

* The plant should be deep in the earth of the garden or container. Make sure the roots are two or three inches into the ground. Tomato Plants have shallow roots that will need support to avoid toppling over as they begin to bear fruit.

* Plant tomatoes in direct sunlight or indirect sunlight and moist soil. The soil should be moist but not saturated with water. Watch for signs of leaves that are dry or have curly hair, which happens if the plant needs more water. This requires immediate attention.

* Be sure to place cages, stakes or tomato ladders around plants to keep them from falling and uprooting the plants. Make sure you take the time to plan out your tomato garden to ensure success.

* Starting with quality seed is important. You should know what varieties grow best and which soil and composting works best. The varieties of Heirloom tomatoes are a good choice since they have a natural immunity to most soil types. They also have a natural immunity to insects and plant diseases.

* Do not mulch around tomato plants. The mulch keeps the grass growing around while retaining moisture so this is not a good idea.

* The lower leaves of tomato plants should be removed as they start aging. The first signs of aging appear on the bottom leaves as brown spots, mold or fungi. This happens because the humidity varies in the bottom of the plant as well as the lack of sun in these leaves.

These gardening tips and tomato growing techniques will help keep plants healthy and give you a generous yield. For an interesting change, you can also grow heritage or yellow and violet varieties of tomatoes.

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